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1150K Cooling Unit
Din Mount Screen
Appliance Knob
Exercise Step
Reactive Target
Waterjet Machine
Waterjet Machine
Vaping Mod
Water Vending
Ice Vending
Vaping Mod
PCB Enclosure
Vaping Mod
4-Way Hub
Thunderbold Cable Render
DJ Table Design
Belt Loops
End Cap
Pivoting Wall
Foam Body Roller
Cenique PCA Enclosure
Plastic Bowl Design
SolidWorks image
Machining Print
Sheet Metal Drawing
Granite Monument Shop Drawing
Table Drawing
updated pedal shade.jpg
Foam Roller.jpg
Card Holder
DJ Table 2.0
Modeling and Drawings
Cad Modeling & Drawings
$40 per hour

Need a 3D model of your product?  We can provide one!  Using Solid Works or Solid Edge, we can turn your idea into a reality.  Provide us with a description, sketch, drawing, etc of what you have in mind, and before you know it, you will have a 3D model of what you envisioned.  We can also create the counterpart drawings for your 3D CAD Models.

Updated templates can be provided as well.

2D CAD Drawings & Conversions
$40 per hour


Whether you need drawings updated, hand drawn drawings converted to CAD drawings, or whatever the need may be; we can help in that area.  We can produce 2D drawings using DraftSight or convert 2D drawings to 3D using Solid Edge, or Solidworks.   Just provide us with your drawings, or tell us what you are looking for, and we can produce them for you.  Once completed, we will provide you with all electronic files.  Also, we can arrange to have them printed for you.

$40 per hour


Renderings are "photo-realistic" computer generated images of CAD models.  We can take any CAD model and make a pretty picture for you.  This is great for presentations, marketing, sales literature, web, etc...


Images can be provided has High Resolution to as much as you need them.  They will be provided in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG formats.  TIFF, & PNG are great for presentations, web, and sales literature as they can have transparent backgrounds (the background of these images takes on whatever it is placed on so you will not have a box around your image.

For rates and more info get in touch >>

Scott Lester Drafting & Design can also provide training classes for you or your business for Solid Works, Solid Edge, AutoCad, and Draft Sight.  We can train you in certain aspects of the programs if you just need continuing education or a refresher, or we can provide complete training courses if you switching to one of the aforementioned products.


All training courses are custom and will be tailored to the experience of the users being trained.


Please see FAQ for Training pricing

Renderings & Training

Scott Lester Drafting & Design does NOT offer engineering services at this time.

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