Renderings are Photo-Realistic pictures of your product.  These high quality images are great for marketing materials such as websites, brochures, flyers, posters and even billboards!  I use a program called Keyshot to apply realistic surface finishes to the part or assembly. I can provide these as PNG images with transparent backgrounds as well to make the work well with your medium.

File Output

Let's talk about file output for a minute.  Renderings are very nice, but they are also high quality images.  These images can be taxing on a computer to render them.  Depending on the size and pixels of the render, it may take hours or even days to render.  Most simple renders render pretty fast on my 16 GB RAM computer, but for larger renders I will need to send the files to a "Render Farm" which has a network of computer power to complete a render in mere seconds or minutes.

Simply provide me the files needed for Rendering (I will require STEP or IGES files), or let me 3D model your product and render it for you!.

I can set the pixels to an unlimited number reaching up there in size to prepare your image for a billboard, but the higher the pixels, the longer it takes!  There will be additional charges for large renders that take up valuable computer time or that have to be sent to a Render Farm. 

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