Updated: May 21, 2020

As you all know, we are in a Quarantine, and if you have take a trip to your local home improvement store lately, what better time to tackle some home projects!

Last month I built a much needed front deck for the house. Our last deck was falling a part. In typical fashion, I don't normally build anything until I have a CAD model/drawing of it. I proceeded to create an Autocad file of the deck and then I created a Solid Edge model of the deck as well! It really helped with ordering materials and showing my concept to my wife.

Then I was in need of some furniture for the deck, but I had a bit of the wood left that i had cut off (drop pieces), so what better use for the wood than to make some tables. Once again, I'm a visual person and designer by trade, so I made a CAD model, but in SolidWorks this time to hone my frame design skills there.