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Solid Edge Quicksheets

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours, and hours into get the idea. In the mechanical design & drafting world, just like most other professions, time is money. Anything you can do to cut down time spent doing superfluous tasks will drastically increase productivity (isn't that the point!)

As a designer/drafter, our days are spent in the drawing world creating manufacturing prints of our creations. Drawings are still king (check out Siemen's whitepaper on better drawings) in our world when it comes to communicating designs. Solid Edge has a feature that many may not know about but could save drafters and designers that precious time that could be used elsewhere. Please read and watch below about a feature called "Quicksheets".

What are Quicksheets?

Simply put, Quicksheets are templates. They are made for parts that always require the same drawing views to accurately represent them. I personally use them for drawings of electrical components and fasteners (i.e screws, nuts, washers).

They take and will always place preset views (that you created) on a drawing. This way as soon as you load the part into the drawing, all views are populated and you can get to the business side and immediately start dimensioning and adding notations.

How do I make a Quicksheet?

Create a drawing of a part with all necessary views that you would like in your Quicksheet template. No need to dimension the views or anything. Add any notation, captions, etc... Ensure that you set your views to the types that you want them (such as shaded, not shaded, etc).

Once you have all of this done, go to the Application Button-> Settings-> Create Quicksheet Template

Once clicked, all drawing views will clear (you will get a warning first telling you this. Then, you get the "Save As" dialogue box. Simply save your new template to the folder where you keep your Solid Edge Templates. You are ready to use it.

Quicksheets in Action

As you can see, I was able to VERY quickly generate all necessary views of the electronic part and immediately start adding dimensions, centerlines, and notes. Within a matter of minutes, I had a fully defined drawing that can be sent out for manufacturing.

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