Stay Sharp My Friends!

Things can happen in a blink of an eye and what was once a normal day can turn into a very bad day. You could be sitting there one day working hard as you always do, then 30 minutes later carrying your belongings to the car with no job or no clue what to do next.

In my short career, this has happened to me twice, and it never gets any easier, especially with a wife and three kids at the house. Luckily with a background as mine (I teach, freelance, write, and CAD full time), finding a job was quick and "almost painless." But for many, they are not not so lucky! To this, I say: "Stay Sharp my Friends".

What do I mean by that....? Well for one, no matter how valuable you think you are to a company or that you cannot be replaced....guess can. Make one wrong move, and you are as good as gone. You need to not only work hard no matter what you do, but you also need to stay sharp and keep gaining new skills and knowledge.

Invest in yourself, simply put. Take any and all training that becomes available that applies to your career. I am not saying if you are a mechanical designer that