Solid Edge: Family of Assemblies

Earlier this week, I dove into the wonderful world of Family of Parts within Solid Edge. This week, I want to touch on a similar subject, but yet the process is just a little different; we will see how Family of Assemblies work!

What is a family of assemblies you ask? A Family of Assemblies, or FoA for short a group of 3D assemblies in which vary the characteristics of the components that compose them but deriving from a single constructive model. In short, you can have ONE file that can have multiple variations. This is useful if your company offers options or variations for your product.

I usually use Family of Parts & Family of Assemblies hand in hand meaning, my Assembly Families are using parts that have Part Families. It can get quite a bit hectic for larger assemblies, but overall, it's not too bad.

Family of Assemblies