Solid Edge: Family of Parts

When I switched to Solid Edge as my main program for SLDD, I ran into one small problem---part families; I did not know how to do them in Solid Edge. Part families are parts that share similar characteristics, but certain geometries may change (like length of a bolt). All of that data can be stored in one part. In a world where Solid Works is king when it comes to configurations (SolidWorks' lingo for part families), I had to figure out how Solid Edge performed a task that SolidWorks does effortlessly. I want to pass on what I learned though the process to you. It was actually quite easy.

As above, the easiest example I can think of for the way a family of parts works is the good ol' standard threaded screw. There is no need to create a separate part file for every single length bolt for say a 1/4-20 bolt. We can actually handle that in once single file in Solid Edge; however UNLIKE SolidWorks, in order to use that bolt in an assembly, it must be populated out into it's own file once the data is created. Read more to find out what I mean.