Why do you do what you do?

I have been teaching at a local community college in the Engineering Technologies division for the past five years part-time; I guess you could say the student became the master! It is a very rewarding job as I get to pass along what I have learned in my 8 years of drafting and design to a younger generation. It is often my duty to speak to middle schoolers and high schoolers to entice them to come to take classes at the college; a spokesperson if you will. Many times, I give them my spill about how I love my job, and how I have never "worked" a day in my life because I enjoy what I do for a living.

Today, I was thinking...."Why do I love this field so much?" Why is it that I work 40 hours a week doing it full time, 10+ hours a week teaching it to young minds, and the rest of the time doing contract work for SLDD?

It all started when I was about 8 years old; you see my favorite toy(s) of all time were LEGOs. You know, those blocks you get to build and design things with. If you didn't like it, tear it down and start over again. My sister could attest to the many hours I spent in my room just building away. It then hit me one day, that "when i grow up," I wanted to design things. So once I hit high school, I took every math & science class that I could from physics, principles of technology, drafting, to geometry, trigonometry, etc... I well prepared myself for college and my career that would follow afterwards.