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New Blog to the site!

Upon the advise of a colleague, I decided to add a blog to my site to give a daily/weekly insight into some of the work we do here at Scott Lester Drafting & Design. I say "we" because it is not always the work that I provide; I consider myself a part of a "team" with each client that I serve. I think this will add some depth to the site and also, others will have an appreciation for the artwork that is 3D modeling & drafting.

Not only will you see professional posts, but you may also catch a glimpse of some of my family life as well; I am a family-man after all. My wife and I are actually expecting our third child right now; due anytime.


I look forward to providing an inside view of my life as a drafter, designer, 3D Modeler, college instructor, etc...

#blog #drafting #design #cad #solidedge #solidworks

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