You have the questions, we have the answers.

1.   How Do I get Started?


         You can reach our to us via the Connect Page, email, phone etc.  Please send us your sketches, any CAD files, drawings, or

         legacy data available for your project.  You may upload these Here.  After providing us the necessary data, we will provide a quote that MUST be
         signed and sent back to us before we will start work on your project.


         Once we have a signed quote, we will set up a Dropbox folder for you that only you and SLDD have access to.  You can drop files

         into this and we will have instant access to them.

         Also, if you must require a Non-Disclosure Agreement; you can request one Here.  Please fill out the form completely and expect one within

         1 to 2 business days.



2.    How do we communicate?

         Email will be the best form of contact.  This method will provide the best "paper trail" for questions that may arise.

         However, phone, text, or social media will be acceptable as well (we do not recommend using social media other than for

         casual comments, we will never share your project details).


3.   What is your pricing policy?

        My pricing can be broken down into three categories: 1) 2D Architectural Drafting, 2) 3D Modeling/Drafting/Design, 3) Training.


                -2D Architectural Drafting: $60/Hour


                -3D Modeling/Drafting/Design: This is using either Solid Works or Solid Edge to produce 3D models and/or their

                 counterpart drawings.  This includes design work from scratch, redraws of existing prints, etc..

                 We charge a fee of $60/Hour.  We do provide a quote for estimated time.  This also includes renderings.


                -Training:  Training is very different from Drafting and Design as there are so many variables and factors.  Training courses

                  are custom and will be set up according to you or your business' needs.  Factors include travel time, room/board, and

                  the skill of the users being trained (new users vs continuing education users).       


4.   When is payment due?


        Projects will be invoiced within 24-48 hours of completion.  We can invoice via Paypal or email.  Payment must be received

        within 7 days of receiving invoice OR per our agreement on the quote.  Projects will NOT be released until payment has

        been received and cleared.


        Forms of Payment:


        Cash, Check or PayPal.

        For PayPal, please add an additional 10% for transaction fees.

        Make checks payable to "Scott Lester".

        All returned checks are subject to a $25 service fee.


5.   Do you offer Design work?


         Yes, as the title of the company states, we can provide design work.  However, it is HIGHLY recommended that final drawings

         be approved by an engineer or architect (I am not an engineer, or architect, but a certified design-drafter).  We do however

         have architect & engineering consultants available to look over our designs.  Mechanical Engineering stamp can be added at an

         additional cost.


6.   What programs does you use?


        We use Solid Works or Solid Edge for our 3D modeling, Draftsight (exactly like AutoCAD) for our 2D architectural drafting.  We

        also use Keyshot to render 3D models.


7.   What standards are used?


        We adhere to strict drafting and design standards.  First & foremost, we will use the standards that you provide to us.  We will

        also adhere to ASME standards for mechanical drawings.  We have a several standards book to reference.


8.   How do I get my files to you?


        Most files can be emailed, however, for larger drawing packages, we ask that you set up a Drop Box account and we will share

        a private folder with you.  No one will have access to this folder but you and us.

9.   Will you share my work?


        Absolutely NOT.  I provide an Non-Disclosure Agreement before we start work on your project. Occasionally, I like to share images of current

        projects (never any proprietary info), but I always ask permission to share a photo to social media. You own all rights to your work and ideas.