3D Modeling is where it all starts to get your idea to become a reality.  I use the CAD

package of your choice; SolidWorks or Solid Edge, to create highly detailed, accurate

3D models of the design.  Before drawings or renderings can be created, I have to

have a CAD model.  I have 10+ years of experience in 3D modeling using industry

standard techniques & design intent.  When completed, the models will be fully

constrained and changes in design will net easy updates to the model. All models are

parametric; meaning that when I make changes to part, if it is used in an assembly

or has a drawing of it; those changes are automatically reflected across the board.

Using the CAD file, I can provide other services such as manufacturing drawings, renderings for your website, presentation, or other marketing materials.  The complexity of the model depends on the end product needed.  If it is for a drawings or renderings, the models will be very detailed; for concepts and presentations---less detailed.

Solid Edge
Solid Works
How are 3D Models created?

Below, I show how I create a simple model using Solid Edge.

3D assemblies are where I take all of your parts and arrange them into an assembly using relationships (for instance a screw and a hole would be "concentric".  Assemblies consist of two or more parts.  These parts can be bolted together, press fit, welded, etc...  Assemblies are useful in creating Assembly Prints which include exploded views, Bill of Materials, section views and other vital information to the assembly.