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"Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea."

                                                                                      -Robert Half

It is my goal here at Scott Lester Drafting & Design to bring your ideas to life!  I have always said, that without drafters & designers, ideas are just that---ideas.  Someone has to bring them to life on paper.  So whether it is an idea in your head, a sketch on a napkin, bring them to me, and I will turn them into reality.

We use the latest and greatest CAD software to turn your concept into a working 3D model, manufacturing drawings, photo-realistic renderings, or whatever you may need to make it a reality.  We are a small business, but our services are not.  Click on one of the links above to learn more about what we have to offer.

Printer Parts


Alltite Gasket
Machine & Welding of Danbury


We have worked on a few projects with Scott and had great results. Scott has been masterful in creating something from nothing, using our other products and drawings to take elements from.  Scott has a good eye for laying out the best angle of a product and needs little direction. We will continue to use Scott as a member of our new product launch team

- Craig Carroll of Hama, USA

Best drafter out there! We hired Scott for a single project… 2 years ago. He has since completed hundreds of projects for us. His attention to detail and ability to take the initiative to help complete the work on time made our relationship a no brainer. His caring attitude and charming personality is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful plus when working with him. We will be using Scott for as long as we can and highly recommend him! Thank you, Scott, for helping make Furniture Pipeline what it is today!

- Ave Hayat of Furniture Pipeline

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